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Okay, if you are a busy mother and you don’t have time to workout, then this Post is for you especially. In this Wildly Alive Weight Loss Program, I have a lot of busy moms, and I hear the same excuse from almost everyone. “I don’t have time to work out. “And I’m here to prove that wrong.

It’s all about taking those time chunks you do have and make the best use of that. So these are few exercises that you can do at home. I’m gonna do it right here in my living room. All right, here we are in my living room, messing with my little children. They’re on my left-hand corner.Those are my puppies — my children for now. And so let’s get started here.

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Extreme Weight Loss For Women We’re gonna start off with squats.So I want you to lean up against your couch. You may need a pillow pinning how tall you are. I’m kind of short, so I don’t really need it, but I want to model it for you here.

So you’re gonna sit back right here and sitting on the couch. And as you’re sitting here, you’re leaning back and all your weight on your heel so you could possibly lift your toes up. Okay, we’re gonna continue with that. Squeeze your glutes to the top.

And the affirmation here is, “Anything is better than nothing. “Just repeat that to yourself to make this a body-mind workout here. “Anything is better than nothing. ” Squeeze those glutes to the top.

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Best Weight Loss Pills For Women Reviews Sit back. You can always move your pillow. All right, let’s go to our next exercise. We’re gonna make alternating lunges. So build in up into here. You get nice and slow at the beginning.

If you haven’t had knee problems, just take it nice and shallow. Keep your chest open — that posture really nice and push yourself back to your heel into a standing position. And you’re affirmation here is, “I deserve ‘me time.” “I deserve ‘me time.’ “Because you absolutely do. So I want you to say this affirmation to yourself, as you are doing these movements to really get your mind on board.

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We have to work on your belief system to make sure you do not self-sabotage. That is the beauty of self-affirmation while you’re working out.All right, we’re gonna move on now to form of push up. You can modify it and put do it right on your couch like I’m here. Below your button into your spine. You bring your chest right into that cushion. Down and up. You can go inhale and down and exhale top. Inhale down and exhale top.

Extreme Weight Loss For Women

If you can do this at the top of your couch well to make a little easier.And the affirmation here is, “When I’m replenished so are my children.” Isn’t that a good one?” When I’m replenished so are my children. ” Say that to yourself as you are doing this movement. Really rewind your mind for success. Supplements For Weight Loss For  Women All right, here we go, our next movement, you’re gonna move down to the floor, and you’re gonna do a plank.

You can even be on your knees move up your toes to make it a little harder. Tune in to your body and listen to your body as well as you’re doing this. Any low back pain you need to be down on your knees.And the affirmation here is, “I model the life my children deserve.

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” That’s a really good affirmation to really encourage you to make time for you. Keep that belly button nice and tight into the spine. And now we move into our little dance party baby. So get up and dance with me here.Let’s keep that heart beating that really challenges your vascular system as my favorite cardio is so much fun.

Put your hands in the wind and your legs moving. All out fun and the kiddos will love this party. It’s such a great. that extra energy that is drives you crazy. So get out with me start having fun. This is about Wildly Alive with her sister.

Come on. I don’t much have a correlation here, but I’m making it work.This isn’t about looking good; this is about having fun.Smile.

Come on. You can sing with me too if you want. Keep it going.You got to hold that head up. Just make your own moves.

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Okay, so how do you enjoy that cardio? Isn’t that great? Well, just important as strength training is, you can tighten and tone and strengthen your body and so is cardio. It puts a smile on your face which us, moms, I’m sure you need that a little most of us because this thing is kind of stressful. And it’s just really really fun. So with these exercises, I want you to do it just about anywhere.

Get creative. Remember, something is better than nothing. Do it when you’re watching the commercial, maybe the little one is taking a nap or after they fall asleep. Best Exercise For Weight Loss For Women Get creative. And so many times we need we have 30 minutes to work out,  but you don’t. Honestly, anything is better than nothing.

Get creative with your time. I cannot stress that enough.Along with this video, I’m gonna give you a free busy momma workout printout. If it’s in the living room, if it’s in the kitchen could be.Put it where you can see it often so you can remind you, five squats better no squats.

A 30-second plank is better than no plan at all. Remember, anything is better than nothing. I want you know what is your biggest hurdle as a mom, and I will reply and will give you a suggestion to overcome. All right, there is your awakening activity. And don’t forget about my free weight loss success it. And remember if you’re not having fun, it’s your own damn fault.