How to Find The Best Weight Loss Protein For Women?

Best Weight Loss Protein

Hi, guys! I’m trainer Christy F. Barker with Nancy P. Sheard.
For women today we’re doing a sit-down talk about why calorie counting is not necessary.
So when we discuss calorie counting, really, we want to talk about one of the breakdowns of that.
There’s protein, there are carbs, and there’s fat.

Best Weight Loss Protein For Women

Realizing that at every meal you need a great balance of all of those.
What’s most important is that you place protein each and every meal.
Whether it’s a snack, a lunch, or a dinner.
The reason being is, it drives your metabolism.

It helps you recover from hard, intense workouts and we’re all lifting weights, right? So we definitely need a little bit more protein than the average bear.
So how we do that and not necessarily have to count is by portion.
So understanding that meat – palm of the hand – a piece of chicken, a piece of fish, a piece of steak; all of those things are great knowing ‘palm of the hand’.
When you go to snack looking at not only meats is what’s going to give you your protein, but also understanding that nuts will.

Weight Loss Protein For Women
Weight Loss Protein For Women

There can be sunflower seed butter, there speed protein, yogurts; so at least getting a serving in of protein at each and every individual meal will definitely help you.
Also realizing why you don’t need to count those calories is because you know that you’re getting that portion in at every single meal.
That’s going to be what’s going to drive your metabolism.


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So start with protein.
Understanding that you’re getting the protein in at breakfast, a snack, at lunch, at dinner, and then build upon that.
Then build upon your carbohydrates.
A serving is half a cup.
Half a cup of oats.
You’ve got a 4oz-5oz potato and realizing that is then the secondary after you figure out where your protein source is coming from.
So if you are balancing out in that way you don’t really need to count calories.
You’re just going by what your body is needing.
Understanding that portion control is way more important than having to calculate out and figure out what is best for your body.
Also, then moving onto fats, is about 1oz of nuts, a tablespoon,2oz-3oz of avocado and spreading that out throughout the day as well.
So you have a good balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fat at breakfast, at lunch, and at dinner.
Then your snacks in between maybe a little bit lighter.
But controlling the portions allow you to feel full, satiated and also know you don’t have to count to reach your goal.
So check out ATHLEANXX for Women for a nutrition guide and for meal planning and way more tips and guidance on how you can lose body fat and not have to count calories.
How relieving is that, right? So check them out, give us a thumbs up, leave us comments below, let us know some more of your thoughts and ideas, and stay tuned for more.
Thanks for joining me! I’m Amy Jo.
We’ll see you next time.
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