Tips To Weight Loss Fast

Weight Loss Fast

it’s early morning here; it’s about 7:00 and I’m getting ready to work out, soI’m not glammy, that’s why I just have my hair up and no makeup on or anything, so don tell me that I look bad.
Anyway, I’m going to show you one of my favorite shakes in the morning before I work out and the reason that I love this is because it’s loaded with spinach and the fiber just keeps you going for a long time because it just gives you the fullness that you need to go through your workout, maybe run a quick errand before you get back, and some of you may not eat for several hours after this.

Protein Shakes And Weight Loss

So I love this shake a lot because of the spinach.
So this is what’s in this, I use a frozen banana, break that up.
And then I had some strawberries in the fridge that were just ready to eat; otherwise,if you didn’t have strawberries, you don’t have to add them.
So I put a few strawberries,and I put the frozen banana, and then you add two cups of baby spinach, just right out of the bag.
Just dump it right in there.
You can see how full that is.
I used the ReadyPac baby spinach.
Okay, then really really important is the Sunwarrior Raw Protein that love.
If you’re used to really sweet protein, you’re going to have to get used to it.
It’s a little bit grittier.

Protein Shakes For Weight Loss Women

Best Weight Loss For Women Over 50 But to be honest with you, when you put it into a smoothie I don’t think you’ll notice the difference.
I make it for people all the time, and they don’t even know the difference.
So, that’s Sunwarrior Raw Protein.
And then I use raw cacao.
This is just raw cacao that I buy off of Amazon. So I use a heaping teaspoon.
Remember, that’s raw.
It’s very bitter; it’s not sweet.
There’s no sugar in it.
And then I take a tablespoon of flaxseed, whole flaxseed meal, like a big tablespoon or a heaping teaspoon, for fiber and Omega-3’s, it’s really good for you.

And then for some good fat, and because it also tastes really good in the smoothie, is coconut oil.
Just put some coconut oil in, and take a teaspoon of that.

And then, for sweetness, remember nothing in here is sweetened, it’s basic unsweetened ingredients, I use some Stevia.

So put your Stevia in, and for this size of a smoothie, I would use three little scoops of Stevia in there.

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Women’s Weight Loss Shakes

So that’s it! That took all of 30 seconds to put combine, and I was talking the whole time! So now I’ll blend it up, and you’ll see what it looks like.

Best Slimming Shakes

And then after I started blending it,I add some ice to it to make it colder and a little bit thicker, and then give it one more spin.

So that’s it.
It’s fast and easy.
It comes out green, like muddy green colors you can see.
It’s so delicious.
I promise you; it’s really really good.
If you do have a problem with the raw protein, and you want to use your whey protein, that fine, but give the raw protein a try because it’s really healthy and it’s really good for you.

Hey, everybody! Should women be taking protein powder? Here are five reasons why they should.

5 of the most common questions we’ve been asked about protein

So, my first question was “Will it make me bulky?” That’s probably the most common question we’re asked, and no, it will not make you bulky if you take protein powder.

As women, we just don’t have the testosterone.

The muscle mass you build largely depends on whether you physically train with lifting weights.

So if you’re just toning and doing physical exercise every day – let’s say running, and all of that stuff – and you take protein powder, it’s definitely not going to bulk you up.

It helps support lean muscles that help create a toned, curvaceous body.

It’s great for recovery and repairing after your workout.

Best Slimming Shakes

The second question was Will it help control my hunger? Absolutely.

Eating protein with each meal actually helps keep you fuller, and it actually helps stabilize your blood sugar, which is a good thing.

So instead of reaching for that fat-free muffing, think about eating eggs, chicken, or fish kind of, lean protein and maybe a quick protein shake.

Our third question is “Can I use this as a meal replacement?” So, if you’re too rushed to make a healthy meal, that’s when a protein shake comes in handy.

Think about adding some source of a vegetable, maybe one to two fruits, and some kind of healthy fat along with the protein powder.

You can easily get 20g of protein with that missed meal.

The fourth question is “Does it help with fat loss?” Absolutely.

Using protein shakes as an occasional meal replacement may help you lose more weight and fat, along with a low-calorie diet.

It’s recommended to only replace one meal a day with a protein shake.

Your other meals should consist of clean, whole foods, consisting of protein, complex carbohydrates, and vegetables.

Our final question is “Will it help me now that I’ve become a vegan?” So, people who are pursuing a vegan, or vegetarian lifestyle eliminate a number of common proteins from their diets.

Including beef, chicken, fish, and eggs.

Best Diet For Weight Loss For Women

So, by adding in a protein drink on a daily basis will help you get that daily protein intake that your body needs, especially if you’re active and after a workout.

I hope this video was really helpful for you guys.

For people who are maybe not quite sure if they want to add protein powder into their diet, I’ve had great results with ATHLEANRX for Women.

They have two different flavors.

They have vanilla and Dutch chocolate, which I really love.

It’s low in sugar, low in calories, and super high in protein.

It really does help you with your recovery, especially for all of you active women out there, hopefully doing us workouts.

Check those out.

So I hope you do, to start your new nutrition better.

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