Do Testosterone Supplements Really Work? The Truth about Testosterone-Boosting Supplements

So testosterone is one of those topics that is very interesting very controversial, and everyone has something to say about it. Usually, you go to a medical meeting, and you want to start a fight just say testosterone and just watch what happens everyone has very strong opinions about testosterone. It’s a controversial topic.

Are Testosterone Boosters Safe

Why is it so controversial? Well, because testosterone is such a powerful hormone. It’s been so underused and so overused and so abused. That’s why everyone has had some negative experience with it at some point in time. And also everyone has had some positive experiences. So depending what type of experiences you had with testosterone. You probably or your physician has had they probably have very strong opinions. So i’ve tried to be as objective as a sort of complete in my description of testosterone.

How to Treat Testosterone Lacking?

What it does and how it should be treated. How should be diagnosed on the site as possible and have also put up for you the latest and greatest guidelines about the treatment or diagnosis and treatment of testosterone? But suffice it to say that as far as the purpose of this article is concerned, I do want to mention three or four different points that I think is really important.

Testosterone Boosters Pros And Cons

The first one is if you are even thinking the word testosterone you need first to think the word workup. Workup is so important because testosterone deficiency or low testosterone is actually a symptom. It’s not a disease by itself. Sometimes it could be a disease, but most commonly it’s a symptom. It’s sort of indicative of something else going on. We should find out what it is? It’s like basically, you walk to your house you see a bunch of smoke and instead of looking for the fire. You just try to turn on the fans to get the smoke out, but you don’t even bother to find what the fire is. So when you start seeing smoke first look at the fire and then get the fire extinguisher to get rid of the fire. So why is that applicable to testosterone.

Causes of Low Testosterone Level

Well, testosterone could be caused by so many different things that are in the body. For example, it can be caused by the hormonal imbalance that’s not from testosterone. It could be caused by obesity with so many different things that if you fix those other things first and the testosterone problem will get fixed by itself certainly. If you start fixing the testosterone without looking for any other causes, you could be making the only symptom that those things can have and by giving testosterone taking testosterone without really finding why the testosterone is low. That is really dangerous. That’s the first thing.

So the second point that I wanted to bring to your attention is that the people that don’t like testosterone a lot of times they sort of categorically dismiss testosterone as a potential treatment for real medical conditions a lot of times. Where they say that testosterone is supposed to be lower as you get older, therefore, let’s not treat it well that that’s also not really correct. Because if you think about it, there are a lot of of-of things that can go wrong only with old age. It’s like your joints can start hurting you your back can start hurting you. It’s like saying well if you’re old then your joints are hurting you then you shouldn’t be treated because you’re old.Well, that’s not really necessarily sort of the right approach to treating medical conditions because if there’s a real metabolic derangement or there’s a real thing that’s happening in the body that should be treated. It doesn’t matter if it’s prevalent in this particular age group it should still be treated, and there is a normal level of testosterone that everyone needs nor to have a healthy body, and it’s really important to make sure that that you have that in order because low testosterone impacts other things in your body. So, for example, it’s been proven through so many different studies that low testosterone is not good for your cardiovascular health. It’s not good for a lot of other things. So low testosterone is not acceptable to dismiss that just because of your age group that’s the second thing.

Testosterone Boosters That Work

The third thing is treating the patient, not the number. So what that means is there’s a lot of clinics that have surfaced over the past five to ten years certainly in big cities where they call themselves like men’s health clinics. And what all the all they do a lot of times we’ve seen this if you people come in they don’t have necessarily symptoms of low testosterone but they have a number outside of the range. And then all of a sudden the next thing you know, they’eon testosterone well that’s not good either because that’s over creating something that’s not symptomatic.So the American Neurological Association has done all these studies and reviewed all those studies, and they are basically setting the guidelines which we all knew already. That it’s not good to treat a number if someone has symptoms and we do the workup, and we find out that the testosterone is low then yes they should be treated. But it’s not because of someone completely healthy no symptoms, and then he or she has a low number on the testosterone that’s not a reason to start giving them testosterone.Because testosterone is a powerful hormone-like, we said and were a powerful hormone impacts other things on the body. So if your testosterone is not low for your beta bollock condition and then we start giving you additional hormones or something else might break something else might go wrong. So that’s not really important so just to recap as far as the three important things I wanted to bring out today.

3 Common Symptoms Of Low T Level

First, if you suspect you have low testosterone from symptoms of fatigue and low mood, there’s a lot of symptoms. Then we will look for the first thing to do is a complete workup to make sure that there’s nothing else that’s sort of bringing up this low testosterone as a symptom.The second one is that it’s not because you’re in a particular age group if you’re older it’s not normal to have low testosterone if you’re older it might be more prevalent. But it’s not an excuse being older does not mean that you need to have low testosterone.The third one is it’s not just a number it a whole healthcare sort of picture where your wellness is your symptoms. How you’re feeling and other things that are part of your medical exam as well as the testosterone number. So all these things need to be taken into consideration, not just a number.