Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe in Tribest Dynapro DPS-1050 blender (ENG)

Hello! I’m Jenny Ross, a vegan chef and raw food Tribest Now we will prepare a simple strawberry-banana smoothie in a commercial vacuum blender Dynapro

We will use a removable vacuum to remove All air from the bowl before mixing This method prevents oxidation and saves all nutrients The taste remains the same, and the smoothies are stored longer The control panel in it looks like this You can adjust the speed manually or using the buttons automatic operation

Mixing occurs very quickly, because its power is 25 hp and more than 30,000 revolutions in a minute So in a few seconds, we’ll get an excellent smoothie A vacuum pump is installed on the lid with one button when he finishes pumping air, the indicator turns off

It will pump out another 5-10 seconds That’s right, in just 10-20-30 seconds, depending on how much the bowl is filled, you can get an excellent vacuum By the way, such a pump can be used for several more devices from Tribest For example, a glass mini blender, where you can also use a vacuum pump as an additional option Also we have vacuum bags for the Su-type

So, the air is pumped out Let’s start mixing Done Now let out the air We got a great homogeneous cocktail, rich antioxidants, very fresh and of course useful


Source: Youtube