How To Store Smoothies?


We know that smoothies made at home are very healthy. Some experts recommend drinking one smoothie daily. Despite, life can get in the way, and when you came to know it, you have run out of time and skip smoothie for breakfast.

There are some “hacks” you can do to make the smoothie-making method well… smoother.

Batch-make the ingredients
How To Save A Smoothie For Later?Once a week cut up a big batch of fruits and veggies that you use in smoothies. Then divide them into serving-size portions in zip-lock bags and freeze. If using a mixture of fruits and the green vegetable, put the vegetable in last. It makes taking them out easier. Also, you can store these fruits and vegetable up to six months frozen.

Use frozen ingredients
When you wanted to make a smoothie, take a bag out of the freezer, unpack it in your blender, add some protein powder, a liquid like almond or coconut milk, some ice and blend to the thickness you like. Now you have a smoothie.

If your blender does not blend frozen items well, grab a bag out of the freezer one night before and defrost it in the refrigerator all night. If you are going to do this, then freeze your dark green vegetables and fruits separately. That way the vegetables will not become soggy. Defrosting first seems to “kick up” the taste of the smoothie too.

Batch-make smoothies
How To Store Smoothies For The Week?If you are going to make the combination of making a smoothie, why not take benefit of it and make more than one smoothie at the same time? What you do not drink today you can keep in the refrigerator till three days. However, flavor, texture and nutritional value do start to decrease after 48 hours. Divide the left-over smoothie into serving size portions and keep in 

Mason jars.

Use small jars that you can fill to the top to minimize the volume of air trapped between the top and mixture. It will decrease the chance of air oxidizing your smoothie which can reduce its nutritional value and taste. Adding a little amount of lemon juice can also help reduce oxidation, plus it adds some extra vitamin C.

How To Store Green Smoothies?

Instead of storing left-over smoothies in your refrigerator, try freezing it. Grab one out and blend it again when it is still partially frozen. By following this way, you can keep it even longer and still have it taste like a fresh smoothie.

These smoothie hacks work well for the busy person and not only save your time but money also by not wasting ingredients or left-over smoothie.