Crohn’s Disease Symptoms


I can you talk a little bit about what your symptoms were with when the doctors told you you had a Crohn’s disease I Was in a lot of pain I had a bleeding in my stool I had a loose stool and It was something that gradually Progressed we became as one started going by he just really started to like intensify so I finally I remember it was a New Year’s Eve 20 2012 going into 2013 I ended up in the emergency room, and They diagnosed me while they thought, and I had appendicitis, So they removed my appendix and You know I thought that That was pretty much that I was already cured but the pain continued It was just if I could compare it to anything it was like labor pain everything is pretty much Made me feel really really bad, and I lost a lot of weight, so I was starting to get kind of worried and concerned, but you know I was just hoping it was something that would pass and That’s when um they referred me to a GI doctor, and They did Two colonoscopies, and that’s when they diagnosed me with Crohn’s disease.

Just kind of eating a lot of McDonald’s, right Ruth and I was thinking to myself all right well, let’s see how much we can do with her.

She’s been eating french fast food every day, So you know, and with the Sun it can be hard because you have a lot to do with your son and a lot of time constraints, yeah, but you know Some things that when we when we first started working together.

This was you know for everyone listening.

This was 60 days ago And I the reason I’m doing a testimony is not because everything’s perfect and nothing you don’t have room to grow But just to show that you know you can make huge drastic results when you dedicate your day To building your health and consistency and you’ve been very consistent you said all right I’m gonna do this, and you did it every day, and when we started you had a lot of pain, right? you had some blood going on you had some urgency sometimes, and some mucus things are going on, and you said your energy was around a 5 out of 10 and You said you weren’t sleeping well at all you were waking up every night at 2:00 am.

With pain and You were, but you weren’t having that many bowel movements about like really three a day You’re returning running the restroom or something so what-what are your results now?

 How do you feel about those goals now?

I Honestly like when you tell me everything how I felt like when we first started talking I’m just like amazed like to where I am now because I don’t feel any of those things like oh You know I Fixed up my room I’m a cleaner person now I’m more organized.

I learned a lot of self-discipline, and That’s something

I never knew you know I pretty much just ate what I wanted when I wanted you know without a care We’re not even thinking about the damage I was doing to my body you know and taking a lot of into biotics for any little thing you know that’s the first thing My doctor would prescribe me, so I think I pretty much just did a lot of damage Over the years so but now it’s like That I’m learning all these new things You know it’s to me.

It’s just like I can’t believe that was only 60 days You know I feel like it’s been longer than that like from that improvement That I am now compared to spend it with you.

If you had any Anything, you would say to anyone out there.

Maybe it’s a Mom, who is raising a child or stall for someone who’s never had any Natural experience medicine, I mean they don’t know anything about dieting or no good supplements Would you say about you know because it is pretty expensive.

They got to spend a good amount of money to get things going and You know it’s scary to say can I do this-this is you know gonna be too hard emotionally spiritually Would you say to those people advice I? Would say you know I believe that with God all things are possible And that we when we allow him to lead us You know he does like before I met you.

I was praying for him to send me some help You know send me a breakthrough, and I really believe that you know I found you that he really allowed me Just led me to you because you’ve been such a blessing Into my life into my health and because I’m healthier I feel great now I feel a better person.

I’m a better mother You know I’m more active with my son now.

That’s too before where I just wanted him to leave me alone Because I just was in pain.

I just wanted to be in bed Just be depressed you know, but now I’m just, and he sees the change in me like you know he sees that I’m more More active I play more with him.

I’m in a better mood.

I’m not so grumpy and so grouchy like before so What and yes you know going? More into the natural Natural remedies yes.

It’s a little bit pricey, but it’s definitely worth it Like I do not regret at all like this program and everything that all The results have gotten from it, and just the outcome is just like so awesome, and you’ve been so awesome, too, so I just want to thank you for investing your time and believing in me and Investing in me because it’s such a blessing and I believe that you are God sent to me, So I just want to say thank you for that.