Crohn’s Disease Nursing Diagnosis

Crohn's Disease

Well, it`s like this, I was sick back in 2007.
but the first diagnosis of Crohn’s disease came only in 2010.
Due to a strong therapy with corticosteroids and antitumor therapy and various experimental therapies, a Hodgkin’s Lymphoma B-type was developed, which was in the third stage, that is, in metastasis.
By that time I started using cannabis derivatives orally, actually, I was eating cannabis and inhaled cannabis itself.

How long have you been in the remission of Crohn’s disease? In the remission of Crohn’s disease, since the end of 2012.
and each colonoscopy has shown tissue type that does not indicate inflammation or the persistence of inflammatory bowel disease.

With every control of Hodgkin`s disease, the bone marrow biopsy showed steady progress in my blood count, that is normalization of both hemoglobin and erythrocytes of the general blood picture, in leukocyte formulas.
And they put these controls off from four to six months.
So, when the doctor sees me, he would say – this is OK, I’ll see you in a year.
Imagine, only those two diseases that I have listed, and besides that, I have ten more diagnoses.
They are related to bone joint disorders and other autoimmune diseases that are out-testing and intestinal, But I`m still functioning.crohns disease nursing diagnosis They have been buried me at least five times until today, but I salute them all, I’m still alive.
So do not consider me an addict because I use cannabis.
I use it because it medicates me and I do not believe that there is any better supplement in this world that can give people with cancer and autoimmune diseases a better quality of life than cannabis.
People, just give us that treatment, don`t you see that we have the results.
We do not share false stories.
This result is from 2010.
Until today, I have survived for seven years, and I am still alive, my blood picture shows that I do not need any drugs, then I’m using supplements only.
Let people be allowed to medicate themselves by whatever they want; it`s just simple like that.
Because it cannot be forbidden, you could be arrested; you could be mistreated, it could happen to a woman, to a mother, just to try to scare off all people.
You could do it all, but we do not have another choice.