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Green Coffee Plus Review – Does This Product Work?

By healthyfoodlink / June 27, 2019

Green Coffee Plus Reviews >>>>> Introduction“Green coffee” coffee beans are coffee seeds (coffeé-beans) of Cofféa fruits which have not been roasted. The roasting procedure for coffee beans reduces levels of the chemical substance chlorogenic acid. Therefore, green coffeés have a higher amount of chlorogenic acid in comparison to regular, roasted coffeés. Chlorogénic acid in gréen […]


Tips To Weight Loss Fast

By healthyfoodlink / April 11, 2018

Green Tea Benefits for Weight Loss Green tea and its connection to weight loss has been the subject of numerous clinical studies over the last few years. In recent years, researchers have discovered that green tea has weight-loss benefits. The thermogenic properties of green tea have been shown in studies to be a significant link […]