Best Diabetic Desserts

Best Diabetic Desserts

I’m going to make cocoa date balls tower today.
The good thing about this recipe with no sugar or artificial flavor.
All the sweetness come from dates naturally.
And, there are many health benefits about dates that we will talk about in the nutrition corner later.

And now let’s look at the ingredients.

Sugar Free Desserts For Diabetics

Today’s ingredients we need dates coconut flakes, hazelnut, almond, cocoa powder, coconut oil, so if you like sourness fruity taste you can add in some dried cranberries. For decoration, you need some fresh raspberries. The tools we need is the foam cone, toothpick, and to prevent the foam coming out we need a ceramic wrap to wrap around. And because the date balls are kind of sticky, we need a pair of gloves, and the most important thing is you need a food processor ora juicer like this to if you have everything ready then mix everything together let’s get this healthy baking started! So our first step is to mix cocoa powder, dates and coconut oil into a food processor until well mixed.
If you would like to add in dried cranberries now is the time you can add it in.
this is the consistency that you would like to see that all the ingredients crumble together.
The third step I’m going to crush the nuts.
same thing to the hazelnuts.
now grab a small amount of the date mixture.

Low Sugar Desserts For Diabetics

We are going to press it down, and now we are going to wrap the nuts into date mixture.
the amount is by preference, so if you like a little bit nutty, you can add more nuts.
Roll into a ball.Low Sugar Desserts For DiabeticsAnd now we are going to coat with coconut flakes.
Wala! here’s the snowball! Now we are going to put all the pieces together.
Wrap the foam cone with plastic wrap I also taped a base at the bottom.
it’s easier to move around, and it looks better.
now we are going to insert the toothpick because the original size is a little bit longer, so I break it in half.
now let’s sprinkle some powder sugar on the top.
WOW~ it looks like snowing instead of putting a star.
I’m going to put a Christmas wreath on the top.
Done!!! Isn’t it looks so cute to you all? Because it’s a gift for my friend, I can’t taste them.
The original date ball is very chocolaty and very rich and sweet.
If you like chocolate, it’s similar to chocolate truffle, but it’s a very healthy version.
we have two different flavors of date balls today.
The other one is the cranberry one which is a little bit sourness.
hopefully, you are like my recipe.
you like my recipe, please click the like below and subscribe me, so I will see you on next video in today’s nutrition corner we are going to talk about our main character, dates.

No Sugar Desserts For Diabetics

Dates are a superfood and contain a good amount of vitamins and minerals.Sugar Free Desserts For Diabetics
They are a good source of Mg, K, Cu,Mn,P, Zn, Vit A&B.
In this small-sized fruit, it’s not only packed with many health benefits like relief from constipation and reduce the risk of heart-related diseases but also rich in natural sugars.
This is the reason why I don’t need to add any extra sugar to sweeten my dessert. That’s the reason why many diabetics put them on their “ do not eat” list.
In fact, study shows that dates actually is a low GI food due to its high fiber content.
It means it’s not the food that will cause your blood glucose rise quickly.
And Depends on individual’s blood glucose condition, diabetics can have up to 3 dates per day Moreover, due to its high natural sugar content, the dates are the perfect energy snack for everyone.
The massive health benefits of dates that will definitely benefit any of you as you consume them moderately.

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