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Barbara Ring

Dr. Barbara Ring

Nutrition Scientist & Community Wellness Advocate


Nutritional Physiology and Social Health


  • Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences from Stanford University
  • M.P.H. in Community Nutrition from the University of Washington


  • Innovative Research in Nutritional Social Health
  • Founder of the Wellness Connect Community Program


Dr. Barbara Ring is a distinguished nutrition scientist and community wellness advocate, recognized for her innovative research in nutritional social health. Holding a Ph.D. from Stanford University and an M.P.H. in Community Nutrition from the University of Washington, she combines scientific insight with a commitment to community well-being.

“I am dedicated to creating a bridge between nutrition science and community wellness, promoting healthier and happier lives,”

— Dr. Barbara Ring

Nutrition Visionary

Dr. Barbara Ring research focuses on the impact of nutritional choices on social health, emphasizing the importance of community connections in fostering well-being. Her approach centers on empowering individuals within communities to make informed and sustainable nutrition choices.

Wellness Connect Community Program

Driven by a passion for community well-being, Dr. Barbara Ring founded the Wellness Connect Community Program, a grassroots initiative that facilitates access to nutrition education, resources, and support within diverse communities.

Areas of Expertise

Specializing in nutritional social health, Dr. Barbara Ring excels in connecting nutritional science with community-based initiatives. Her expertise includes developing programs that foster a sense of community, empower individuals, and contribute to improved social well-being.

Educational Background

Dr. Barbara Ring earned her Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences from Stanford University, where she conducted pioneering research. Her Master’s in Community Nutrition from the University of Washington complements her commitment to addressing nutritional challenges within the context of community health and well-being.