What Can Cause Xerostomia?


Symptoms and signs:

We all have three pairs of Salivary Glands – Sublingual, Submandibular & Parotid. Each gland has its duct which is the connection between the gland and the mouth Xerostomia, or Xerostomia, refers to a condition where the salivary glands in your mouth do not make enough Saliva to keep your mouth moistened.

Xerostomia can also be the effect of aging because of the medicines’ side-effects as well as the irradiation for cancer. More infrequently, Xerostomia is because of a problem which damages the salivary glands.

Is There A Big Issue?

Here’s the one thing: What may seem like a little problem however can have fairly big effects. Saliva plays an important role in dental health, working in ways that it is easy to digest the food, avoid infections keeping your mouth clean and stop oral cavities by handling the microbial growth in the mouth, as stated by the United States Food and Drug Administration(fda).

Whenever your mouth is perpetually dry up during the night, this means that it’s not producing enough Saliva, which can lead to bacterial growth (hello, morning breath!), as well as an increased chance of teeth cavities, difficulty swallowing and even infection. Saliva helps in reducing dental cavities by eliminating the acids produced by the destructive bacteria by minimizing the microbes’ growth and washing away the food particles. Saliva will help someone to taste, eat, and digest. In addition, enzymes in saliva help in digestion.

Xerostomia is not a severe condition by it’s own. However, sometimes, it might be signs and symptoms of some other medical condition that requires Treatment. It can also be responsible for other issues like tooth decay.

What causes xerostomia?

Several things that can lead to xerostomia. It often is because of Dehydration. Several conditions, like Diabetic issues, can also affect your saliva formation and lead to xerostomia. It may be a new development or a thing you have tried for years, there are a lot of reasons that the body is not producing a sufficient amount of Saliva.

At first, only if you are a midnight Snacker, you obviously lower the amount of the food you’re eating at night, which means the body is not producing Saliva in sufficient amount because there is nothing to digest. However if you’ve recently began taking a new kind of medication, you may notice your mouth getting dry even when you have been ingesting.

The United States Dental Care Association claims that you’ll find above 500 medicines which could lead to dry mouth. Several other dry mouth cases include the adverse reactions of several medications, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, autoimmune diseases, exsiccosis, or bad lifestyle habits.

Xerostomia is a temporary and treatable problem. It is important to schedule a meeting with your dental physician twice in a year and brush and floss your teeth regularly. Good dental health care may help you protect against dental cavities as well as gum related problems that are because of xerostomia. If the dry mouth is due to an underlying health problem, you may require a different treatment plan. Consult your dental care specialist for additional information about your specific problem, treatment solution, and long-term outlook.

If you take it for granted and eventually left the problem unchecked, soon you could start to feel pain when you open the mouth and problems in swallowing. Your salivary gland will begin to swell painfully, too. Usually, the pain and swelling Salivary Calculi will get worse whenever you eat. These symptoms may slowly subside until the next meal. However, you still feel that the mouth is dry.

Do not forget:

Dry mouth isn’t a normal part of aging. Causes includes the side effects of medicines, chemo, radiotherapy, and neural damage. Salivary gland problems, Sjogren (SHOW-grins) syndrome, and diabatic problems can also result in xerostomia. Treatment solution depends on the main cause.

Treatment Solution:

Effective steps you can take are sipping water, stop caffeine containing drinks, stop using alcoholic drinks, cigarette smoking, use chewing gums, and suck sugarless candy.

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