30 Min Dinner Recipes


One of the most common things I’m seeing with my clients is Nutrient deficiencies.
And it’s actually very common across the board.
That’s because We are not getting enough vitamins and minerals into our diet through whole foods.

I will look through My fitness pal at some diary entries and will see you know, a protein source and a carb source, and on a good day maybe a fat source.Quick Menus For Dinner
But very little greens.
Very little vegetables, very little fruit Now there’s one meal that I think everyone is missing out on that can pack in so many nutrients and its very simple; even I can do it.

And in the worst cook out there.

Quick N Easy Dinner Ideas

All your gonna need is a frying pan or a wok because we’re gonna make stir-fry.
Now, I’m not going to make it right now, cos it is only 9 o’clock in the morning.
But all your going to need is a wok I like to use sesame oil when this starts cooking it smells amazing, you can also just use olive oil.
or coconut oil.

For flavor, we are going to use soy sauce.
Minced garlic and if I’m feeling good maybe a bit of honey in there as well.
Your protein source, pick something you like.
I really like to use chicken, you can also use beef, or you can use fish, whatever tickles your fancy.
Now you start by cooking the protein source in the pan with those ingredients I just mentioned fry them off and then put them to one side.
Then start adding your vegetables into a pan again with your oil And start with the vegetables that are going to break down the longest, things like your carrot then things like capsicum Your vegetables honestly just pick something you enjoy eating.
I’ve got kale, yes kale is also not too bad when you fry it up.
Cabbage for a bit of color as well.
Capsicum Carrots, beans, snow peas, broccoli.
just cut it all up quite small and throw it in the pan with all your flavoring like garlic and your ginger Just start frying that up then you can start adding in your soy sauce If your feeling adventurous throw in some almonds in there as well.

Easy Cook Dinner Meals

Your hitting all of your macronutrients, your protein, carbs and your fats.
I will have some rice going on the slow cooker in the rice cooker with coconut oil.
If you’ve not tried yet cooking your rice with coconut oil.
Try this because it smells amazing as its cooking.
And it gives that rice something a little bit extra.
And then you’ve got every single one of your micronutrients in one meal.
It’s so filling, and you’ve ticked all the boxes.
Super easy to make about 10 mins of prep time.
And about 10 mins of cook time.

source: Youtube