3 Healthy Smoothie Recipes | Freezer Packs!

Healthy Smoothie Recipes

3 Healthy Smoothie Recipes | Freezer Packs! thanks so much for watching another video today I’m gonna be showing you my three favorite healthy smoothie recipes you will need some freezer bags a mango bananas pineapple strawberries clementines black seeds spinach almond milk and coconut water after you get all your ingredients you’re gonna want to cut all your fruit I’ve recently started doing these freezer packs because I noticed a lot of times when I would buy these fruits that they would kind of go bad in my fridge because I wouldn’t make them as fast as I should and with these freezer packs you’re always able to just grab a pack throw it in the blender and create a quick easy healthy smoothie once all your fruit is cut up you’re gonna start assembling your freezer packs the first one I’m gonna be making is my berry banana smoothie I’m only gonna be freezing the bananas and strawberries but when you make your smoothie you’re gonna want to add spinach flax seeds and almond milk the second smoothie I’m gonna be showing you is my tropical twist and again I’m only gonna be freezing the pineapple mango banana in Clementine and then once I make the smoothie add spinach flax seeds coconut water and almond milk and last but not least is the green machine smoothie this one is gonna be avocados strawberries and banana and then again the spinach flax seeds and almond milk you’ll add when you create your smoothie I’m sorry for the quality here I’m not really sure what happened but you get the point now that your bags are all put together you can add them to the freezer you have your strawberry and banana your tropical twist and your green machine all ready to go now it’s smoothie time like I mentioned in my recipes I always add spinach to my smoothies I just can’t taste it but my fiance Daniel hates the spinach so I do make them without it so you will be able to see the two different colors because when you add spinach to your smoothies it always turns it green Here I am making the tropical twist as you can see I just add in a good handful of spinach I’ve already added my coconut water and my almond milk I add a little bit but you can definitely add more depending on how you like the consistency of your smoothies also when you put it in the blender and if it doesn’t blend you might want to add more liquid I shake up my smoothie a lot just to make sure it’s nice and blended all the way through and this is the one without spinach that I’m making for Daniel and just like that you’re healthy tropical twist smoothie is all set I hope you enjoyed this video and I can’t wait to hear how your smoothies come out

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